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It is the mission of Silver Linings to create an environment of safety and inspiration where young people can discover and pursue their innate gifts and talents. To provide an environment that fosters a sense of security, wellbeing, and hope through our programs and services. 

Purpose: Human Service Excellence through evidence-based and best practice treatment and services.

Description of Programs

Silver Linings Agency, is a Non-profit and Private Non-custodial Agency. We provide group homes and treatment services to youth and their families of Hamilton and surrounding counties of Ohio. We will provide a structured and caring

 environment designed to assist our youth to thrive in their futures through treatment, mentoring,

love and support.


  1.  Individual therapy
  2.  Group therapy
  3.  Family therapy and counseling
  4.  Tutorial Service
  5.  Job Placement/Assistance, training and support
  6.  Higher education assistance
  7. 9. Recreational/Pro-social activities and off site therapy outings.

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For more information regarding our programs and services, 

please contact Chantia Gaines, Co-Founder

Now Accepting Girls aged 10-17!


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Community Engagement Plan

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